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Omega 3s are essential fatty acids that are not developed by the human body but it is essential for the healthy development of vital organs like the brain and heart, so you need to outsource them through diet. Your kids need Omega 3 at this crucial age, especially to develop their growing brains and improve focus. Give your child the most needed boost of Omega 3 with Reicuri Paradox Omega School.

  • Safest Omega 3 supplement
  • Most stable Omega (Triglyceride form)
  • Boosts neurological development
  • Enhances memory retention
  • Improves eyesight
  • Boosts immunity and cognition.
  • No fishy burps   
  • Free from heavy metals 
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EPA & DHA are highly reactive molecules. They get rancid when Ethyl Alcohol is used to extract fish oil.

Our unique formula has the perfect blend of Fish Oil with stabilized Omega 3, Top Grade Lemon Oil & Virgin Olive Oil that keeps the EPA & DHA molecules stable.

We know your child’s health is your main concern.  Therefore, we have developed Reicuri Paradox Omega 3 Liquid, which is the safest and healthiest Omega supplement for your young one.

Scientists say that your kid’s brains are most active and have the ability to develop maximum up to the age of 18 years. Once they pass this age their brains don’t grow as much. EPA & DHA are key ingredients present in Omega that play a crucial part in developing a child’s brain, making them smart and sharp.

Reicuri Paradox Omega 3 Liquid is the best Omega supplement for your kid with the optimum amount of EPA, DHA, Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Worried about the fishy smell and aftertaste your child might not like? Worry not! Reicuri Paradox Omega 3 Liquid has none. It is a fish oil supplement that your child will love without getting any fishy taste, odour or burp.

Why choose Reicuri Paradox Omega 3 Junior Liquid?

  • BEST OMEGA 3 supplement liquid FOR KIDS: It has the optimum amount of EPA and DHA together with Omega 3,6, 9 essential fatty acids for their healthy neurological, heart and overall development.
  • SAFEST OMEGA SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR CHILD: It is made from Icelandic salmon fish oil  extracted with the help of Olive Oil and Lemon Oil having Omega, in a stabilised triglyceride form.
  • MOST STABLE OMEGA: Triglyceride form of Omega is the form of  Omega as it exists, in fish. It is stable. Our product delivers Omega in this form. Hence we call it-  Total Omega Concept.
  • Ethyl Alcohol can also be used to extract  fish oil.  In this form the Omega is unstable.  The alcohol and unstable Omega damages your child’s liver and heart.
  • OMEGA IS EASILY ABSORBED BY YOUR CHILD’S BODY: Triglyceride form of Omega in Reicuri Pardox Omega Liquid Junior is easily absorbed by the body without leaving any harmful residues.
  • ONE OMEGA, MANY BENEFITS: It protects the heart, boosts brain development, improves memory and focus, strengthens muscle, bones, skin, hair and nails.
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS FROM OLIVE OIL AND LEMON OIL:  The Vitamin E  from Olive Oil and Vitamin C from Lemon Oil toughens the immune system of your child.
  • APPROVED FOR PURITY: Our formula is FSSAI approved, mercury free, lead free and free from other marine impurities, Non GMO, and Gluten free. You can rest assured when you are giving it to your child.

Dosage: Children below 18 years – 4 ml/day orally or mix with smoothies, yogurt


  • Is paradox omega safe for kids? Reicuri Paradox Omega 3 Junior Liquid is made with 100% natural ingredients plus the patented formula we use is very stable and safe to be consumed by anyone, including children.
  • Is Reicuri’s omega stable? Yes, Reicuri Paradox Omega 3 Junior Liquid is stable omega as we use olive oil and lemon oil as the stabilizing agent.
  • Is this product FSSAI approved? Yes, this product is approved by the FSSAI.
  • Does prolonged use cause any side effects? No, as all the ingredients are naturally extracted, there are no side effects. However, we recommend consulting your doctor before taking any kind of medication.
  • Is there any fishy aftertaste to it? No, Reicuri Paradox Omega 3 Liquid has lemon oil which eradicates the fishy smell and replaces it with a nice lemony taste.
  • Is your omega tested for heavy metals? Yes, Reicuri Paradox Omega 3 Liquid is 100% free from all heavy metals like lead, zinc, etc.


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